Jessica C. 

Nampa, Idaho


"Truman is an excellent guitar teacher. He is super talented and knowledgeable in what he does and he makes the lessons fun but informative for my son. He is patient and kind in his teaching and works really well with kids and adults. Truman is always on time and has never canceled. He takes this job very seriously and is very responsible and reliable which isn't always the case with other guitar teachers out there. If you are looking for a great guitar teacher I would highly recommend Truman!"

Zack K.

Nampa, Idaho

"I was recommended to Truman through a friend of mine who grew up with him. When I finally started lessons, I had been a self taught guitar player for about 6 1/2 years. I feel as though I’ve improved more in one year learning from him than I had the entire time I was teaching myself. I could actually hear my improvement within the first month of lessons. His lessons have always been very fun as well as challenging. He really pushes his students to do their best and enjoy playing the instrument. If you’re looking to learn the guitar whether its classical, acoustic, or electric, I definitely recommend him! Especially if you are interested in electric guitar which is his area of expertise."

Nick H.

Gillsville, Georgia

"I’ve known Truman for many years. Not only is he a great caring person his love for music is unsurpassed. I don’t say it lightly when I say he is one of the best guitarists out there and wants to help others learn to play the guitar. He is patient and a great teacher for the beginner or the advanced. He has even went out of his way to teach me and others. I highly recommend and promise you won’t be disappointed!"

Jon L.

Boise, Idaho

"Truman is great! I came in as an older new learner and we went right to work. He keeps lessons fun and has focused on getting me playing tunes as fast as possible which is what I was after. He is super flexible, punctual, and fun to be around. I highly recommend him!"

Alex, J.

Nampa, Idaho

"Great teacher! Absolutely recommend Truman to anyone, from beginner to advanced. He helped me get started and truly inspired me to take guitar to the next level.

His lessons are also suited to the individual players needs, so rest assured if you have a goal in mind for what you want to be as a player, he can help!"

Hailey, D.

Meridian, Idaho

"Truman has been teaching my 9 year old, who is just starting out and we could not be more happy- she comes out of her lessons confident, excited to show what she’s learned, and perhaps most importantly- willing to practice consistently! He’s made it a fun, interesting activity for her that isn’t a chore and I highly, highly recommend him for lessons."

Liz, M.

Kuna, Idaho

"Truman is truly amazing. My kids have tried 3 different lessons and Truman's have been the best. He caters to each kids needs. I see my daughter practicing more. He works with my schedule...ALOT! His response time by text is immediate. I would highly recommend you try him out!"

Joe, D.

Meridian, Idaho

"Great teacher! My child has learned so much in such a short period of time. Truman is highly recommended by me!"

Brett. B.

Boise, Idaho

"I've had the pleasure of having Truman as a close personal friend for two years now. I grew up playing some guitar, but I've never personally met such a talented musician. His guitar playing is truly... Extraordinary."


Linda G.

Meridian, Idaho

"I'm a 59 year old grandma that's always wanted to learn the guitar. Truman has been amazing with his gentle nature guiding me along at my own pace. He has such a gift of patience for his trade of teaching. Best decision I ever made!"

Kristina W.

Nampa, Idaho

We searched for over a year before finding Truman. So glad we did! You see, my son of 11yrs has cerebral palsy along with a passion for nothing but music. When searching for a guitar teacher as soon as I mentioned cerebral palsy the price went up or their schedule was booked. Truman doesn't see a 11yr old with cerebral palsy he sees a boy with a passion! He has been so creative finding ways to help my son fulfill his passion for the guitar! We really appreciate the dedication. Truman is always on time, professional and fun! We hope to have another fun year with Truman!